Daisy's Story

Toward the end of June 2014, I left for my second trip to Nicaragua. For several months, many of us had been praying for God to move in the very rural Posoltega area, as we shared the gospel, but I had no idea what He had in store for me. During that weeks’ time, we had a crusade in the Posoltega area on Tuesday thru Thursday. All of us were expecting a huge crowd. On the second night of the crusade, Brianna Beason Bruton and I were standing at the stage, praying over several families and the people that were hurting. Then we see this father pushing his daughter toward us in a wheel chair. His eyes were full of tears, and it was dark, but we could see that this girl was extremely skinny.

We both were immediately heartbroken as they introduced themselves, and began to tell their story. Daisy was the girl’s name, and she was 18 years old at the time. She was older than me at the time, but looked like she was only seven years old. Daisy was so malnourished she had callouses and bite marks all up her arms where she would bite herself because she was so hungry. Not only was Daisy malnourished, but she also could not walk.  She had several other health problems. Just laying my hands on these scars, literally broke my heart. It really makes you think about how truly blessed we are here in the United States. I definitely do not have to worry about food each day.  The sad thing is, I have a choice as to what I want to eat each day.

That night, the father came to know the Lord, and Brianna and I were able to pray over them for healing and for Daisy’s mother, because she was a devout Catholic. We finally got back on the bus, and God was telling me I needed to do something. He put this family on my heart, and some way we were going to take care of them. After collaborating with several others, God provided a month’s supply of food for Daisy’s family. That Thursday night, we found Daisy’s mother in midst of several hundred people, and she lead us all the way to their home. When we arrived and brought all the food into their home, tears began to stream down their faces. They were so overjoyed and thankful.

We found out that the same night that Daisy’s father accepted Jesus into his heart.  He had also gone home to share with Daisy’s mother. She came to know the Lord that same night. God moves in mighty ways! That is the only way to describe the many tears of joy that were cried that night.

For over a year, I prayed and thought of Daisy and her family, daily. I didn’t know if I was going to get to see them ever again. Then, at the end of July 2015, I headed back down to Nicaragua for my 3rd trip. On the Monday night we were in Leon, I found out that Javier Granera and several of us were going to get to go and see Daisy the next day. I was so excited, but also very nervous. A lot can change in a year’s time. Monday afternoon we went searching through Posoltega and finally found the house with a big Daisy painted on the side.

As I walked in, the first thing I noticed was how skinny Daisy had become. She looked smaller than the last time I had seen her. The sweetest part was that she remembered me; she literally started jumping up and down in her bed and was reaching for the salvation doll we had brought her. Leaving her house that day was very hard for everyone.  The van ride back to the team house was dead silent, as we all reflected and broke down.  Our hearts hurt for this area. Because of several people’s support, we were able to take Daisy and her family a month’s supply of food. At the end of the week, six months’ worth of food was already provided for the family.

This friendship between Daisy and I is God inspired, because this relationship has changed every aspect of my life. Their family is my family, and I so thankful that God put this passion on my heart. Seeing how bad the situation was in Posoltega, we started to discuss ideas of a possible feeding center across the street from Daisy at one of the churches in Posoltega. This was definitely a God given task, because the pastor and his wife already have enough space in their kitchen to feed numerous children.

As the feeding center grows in Posoltega, there is also a perfect plot of land right beside the church that God has set before us to expand the feeding center. The children in Posoltega will now have access to food and health care while hearing the gospel. I can’t contain my excitement for the opening of this feeding center and the opportunities that Daisy and the other children will gain. You never know what will happen when you answer God’s calling for your life.

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Courtney Woody
Salem, Arkansas

Change Starts With You... Are You ready?