Amy & John Curtis

            Amy & John Curtis


Hello, my name is Amy Curtis and I am the Kenya Child Sponsorship Coordinator for Open Hearts Ministries. I would like to share with you how your monthly recurring gift of $20 per month can change a child's life. If you would like a specific age child or a specific gender child, email me at or call me at 870-949-2400 and I will send you information about the child you sponsor.


My Saviour's Children's Home

East Africa is a place where HIV and preventable disease such as malaria and yellow fever have reduced the life expectancy to 55 years of age. A lack of education opportunities has caused the adult illiteracy rate to climb to nearly 40%. The children have suffered greatly because of these circumstances. Many children have found themselves orphaned with no chance of a better life. They find themselves with nobody to love them or act on their behalf.

Open Hearts Ministries will follow God as he opens ministry avenues within the eastern countries of Africa.  Our starting place is My Savior's Children’s Home and School. Open Hearts Ministries is working to meet the needs of children in Mumias, Kenya through partnership with existing local ministries. My Savior's Children's Home and School is home to 101 orphans, 17 staff/teachers, and 10 widows. Open Hearts Ministries is ministering to these teachers and children through a nutrition program as well as an educational advancement program. We also provide dorms for the girls and boys and housing for teachers and widows that need a place to live. Our sponsorships provide three meals a day, room and board, and primary and secondary education. All emergency medical needs are handled as they arise with plans being implemented to include routine medical care and immunizations.

Your $20/month donation can do all of this. Thank you for opening your heart to these kids.

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