Wendi & Brian A  insworth

     Wendi & Brian Ainsworth


Hello, my name is Wendi Ainsworth and I am the Nicaragua Child Sponsorship Coordinator for Open Hearts Ministries. I would like to share with you how your monthly recurring gift of $20 per month can change a child's life. If you would like a specific age child or a specific gender child, email me at wendi@ohministries.org  or call me at 870-866-1402 and I will send you information about the child you sponsor. 

Sponsor a Child for $20 a Month

Open Hearts Ministries partners with local Church pastors to provide a comprehensive care plan for children and special needs adults. Open Hearts Ministries does not claim any credit or benefit from the partnership, allowing the church and pastor to grow their church and care for their people. This gives the pastor the ability to show the love of Christ through action by not only meeting their spiritual needs but their physical needs. The pastor does not receive any monetary compensation, but does receive expense money to cover his costs only.

How do we do it?

Feeding the children consists of a healthy meal 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year which includes meat protein. We believe that the diet should not only be tasty but also healthy. Open Hearts Ministries has been feeding children since November 2015 and the numbers are growing at a steady pace. Nutrition is not all the children receive through your sponsorship. Open Hearts Ministries has developed a comprehensive plan which includes:

  • 2 dental check ups a year
  • 2 medical check ups a year
  • school tuition
  • school uniform
  • shoes
  • backpack
  • school supplies

Sponsorship through this multi-dimensional program meets needs in the areas of nutrition, health, and education. By addressing all three areas, you help these children break the cycle poverty and give them a chance for a brighter future.  

How far does Your money go?

Your $20 recurring monthly gift will provide all these benefits plus covers some of the ongoing medical and dental needs such as simple teeth cleanings, fillings, vitamins, antibiotics and other basic medical needs. Preventive health care provides a baseline for better health as the child grows. However, if a child has a more severe problem they can receive additional medical benefits from the Nicaraguan government.

The pictures on this page are actual children receiving food and benefits. Each one is a life being changed. There are hundreds of children just like these waiting for your help. Open Hearts Ministries would like to invite you to sponsor a child with a $20 recurring monthly gift. Your gift is the best way to provide the care these children need. Change starts with you... Are you ready?

Change starts with you... Are you ready?