Meet steve and nancy

Steve and Nancy have been married since March 1992. They are members of Cross Life Church in El Dorado, Arkansas. They have three children, Wendi (husband Brian), Teri, and Clint. And they also have six grandchildren. Steve is a graduate of El Dorado High School. Steve is also a Graduate of Southern Arkansas University with a Bachelor of Science is Psychology. He is also a Graduate of Northwestern State University with a Master of Science in Clinical Psychology. Nancy is a graduate of El Dorado High School. Nancy is also a 1991 graduate of Southern Arkansas University with an Associate’s Degree of Applied Science in Radiologic Technology. Nancy is Office Manager and X-Ray Tech for Dr. William Harper M.D.

Steve's Testimony

Growing up My brother and I were only sporadically exposed to church. My grandparents were Pentecostal and my Mom had rebelled against the rules and hypocrisy she experienced in church. We were invited to a vacation bible school at a local church and the people there were loving and truly caring toward us. They won my Mom over and we began to attend there. Shortly after that my Dad joined us.

My teenage years were a search for acceptance. I was the kid who would do anything to be accepted. This quickly led to trying drugs and alcohol. I began drinking every weekend at age 14, and the drinking continued through my high school and college years. After college I was married, and at 26 I had a son. The weight of what my savior had done for me, truly impacted my heart when my son was born. I understood real and unconditional love for the first time in my life. I went to our pastor and told him that I needed to be saved. I was saved and baptized in April of 1986.

There was very little in the way of guidance or discipleship at the small church we attended so I went out into the world totally unprepared for Christian life. After salvation I unsuccessfully attempted to quit drinking. Alcohol, coupled with pressures from my job and lack of any mentoring or discipleship in my life, led to a failing marriage. As my marriage failed I became depressed, I drank more and looked for fulfillment in all the wrong things. I was divorced after 7 years of marriage. Within a year I was remarried and was blessed with a very special lady. We attended church, but continued to drink, and my wife began to drink with me. In 1996 my wife and I saw the need to rededicate our lives to Christ and we repented and began to seek Jesus. In 1999 I prayed to be delivered from alcohol. After 25 years of being a "functional alcoholic" I was miraculously delivered from alcohol. My wife prayed to be delivered a few weeks later and she too was delivered from years of alcohol abuse, and a past of drug abuse.

Fast forward to 2004. My situation at work had gotten very stressful and the company was combining jobs and our workload was tripled. I asked The Lord to deliver me from that situation and give me another job. Less than 2 weeks after I prayed that prayer, I was in a serious auto accident that broke my neck and my back in several places. I underwent several surgeries to repair the damage but in 2005 I was told that I would never work or do anything that required lifting or exertion to my back or neck. The company I worked for offered me a package that would allow me to retire early and relieve them of the liability of putting me back to work. Of course, I don't believe The Lord caused that accident, but he certainly did use it to redirect my life!

My wife and I began to pursue ministry. We knew the Lord had done miracles in our lives and he had a purpose for us. A recovery ministry seemed perfect. We joined a recovery ministry at our church and began to do whatever we could. We learned ministry from the bottom up. We found true fulfillment in ministering to those who were hurting as we once had. We were hooked on ministry. My background in counseling and Clinical Psychology aided me greatly, and my wife was a natural.

I went on my first mission’s trip to Nicaragua in 2011. On a balcony overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Poneloya, Nicaragua in 2011 The Lord once again redirected my life. A book called Radical by David Platt and the ideas it contained changed the way I viewed ministry. I was called to the ministry and was reminded of the need to disciple new believers and grow them in Christ from the early years of my own Christian walk. God led me in building a ministry that would do just that. With the help of my mentor, the discipleship ministry was born. After 5 years we've seen God move in amazing ways. He has changed lives and we have made disciples that are several generations deep. Through this ministry we operate a discipleship training group and a basic bible study for new believers. We foster small groups, and groups of 2 or 3 and also one on one mentorship. God has blessed us with fruit. And we have seen lasting fruit for His Kingdom.


Nancy's Testimony

When I was thirteen I gave my life to the Lord at a James Robinson Crusade in my home town.  With no Christian guidance the next years of my life turned into a living hell.  I started using drugs at the age of 15.  All the time I was feeling convicted but never totally submitted to the Lord.  At age thirty I gave up the illegal drugs and replaced it with a legal drug called alcohol.  My life was full of fear, depression, and uncertainty.  All during this time I could feel the conviction of the Holy Spirit, knowing there was a better way. After going through a divorce I continued on this road for about ten more years. 

During that time I had married a man that would go to church with me and had a love for God like I did, but we both still didn't totally submit.  In 1999 we rededicated our lives to Christ, totally submitting to him, and the process started.  Things started falling off of us.  First it was cigarette addiction, then alcohol.  God was taking away the want I had for the things of this world in a miraculous way.  He was giving me a hunger for his word, time with him, and to know him more. My life was suddenly filled with a joy and peace that only comes from knowing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and submitting too completely to him.  Like I said before, it was a process. 

Over the last fifteen years the Lord has worked in me to mold me into the person he wants me to be.  He has given me a love for people like I have never known before.  I want to see everyone have the same joy and peace that I have.  Even when you go through tough times you have the Holy Spirit guiding you and comforting you.  God is continuing to work on me and I hope he never stops.  I have been blessed to serve in a recovery ministry and a discipleship ministry through my church.  The Lord is opening doors every day for more ministry opportunities.  I can't wait to see what he has in store for the future.  Praise God!