The vision of Open Hearts Ministries is to see lives changed as God opens hearts around the world. Open Hearts Ministries believes that only God can save and there is POWER in the gospel, which is the good news of Jesus Christ. Open Hearts Ministries believes that the sharer of the gospel is transformed as they see God open the hearts of the hearer of the gospel. His grace teaches us to live Godly lives and put away the ways of the world.


The purpose of Open Hearts Ministries, first and foremost, is to equip the believer to share the Gospel, which will change lives forever. Every resource of Open Hearts Ministries will be used in a strategic manner to share the gospel with boys, girls, men and women in every nation. Only Jesus can open a heart for the message of the gospel and only Jesus can transform a life in the midst of trying circumstances. Jesus is the only answer!



Our Mission is very clear... Exalt the name of Jesus by sharing the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. The fulfillment of this mission may be accomplished in many different ways, however, our faithfulness to this mission will never change. Open Hearts Ministries pledges to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit to accomplish the mission as God gives revelation.